Myst Online Uru Live .... again (MOULa)


Many players of MOULa have decided, in recent years, to change their home computer from a Windows PC to an Apple Mac.
For players of MOULa this causes a major headache because MOULa is only available as a Windows-based game and does not run natively on MacOS (Mac's operation system).

But don't dispair, there is  a way to play MOULa on your Mac.
This involves using a small program called a "wrapper". Once you create a wrapper that is suitable for MOULa you can run the game in the same way as you run any of your other games or apps. The game's icon will appear in Launchpad and an icon for the game can also be added to your dock - just like any other app.

So...  you want to play MOULa on your Mac?

Wineskin Winery

The wrapper is built using an app called Wineskin Winery which is free to download.
This app builds an environment for the Windows based game and allows it to run on your Mac without using Bootcamp or having a copy of Windows on your HD's partition. 

Wineskin Winery has its own website where you can read all about how it works, where to download it and its success rate with many Windows-only PC programs.

You can visit the website here : (opens in a new window)


"Help! I'm not very computer savvy"

The great thing about using Wineskin to play MOULa is that you don't need to be a computer geek. The Wineskin Winery program has a very simply, clear user interface that even the newest Mac users will find easy to use and navigate. Yes, it has the ability to do VERY complicated things and therefore has many options within the interface  ... but that's why I have built this page.
This page will lead you through the process of building the wrapper specifically for MOULa.

MacOSX High Sierra

The instructions shown here are only for Macs that have MacOSX High Sierra 10.13.0 to 10.13.6 installed. If you have an earlier version of MacOS, these instruction will not build a wrapper that works for MOULa. If you have 10.14.0 (Mojave) or later, you need to go here.
Wrappers are very specific to both the game and your machine's operating system.
This is why we may have to change/update them when Apple updates its operating system. If you update to a new version of MacOS you may have to update your wrapper .... or even build a new one!

Good news though ... I will always keep this page updated with how to build a wrapper for MOULa for the latest version MacOS. If your game stops working after updating your Mac OS, check back here. You could also send me an email at bob (at) boblishman (dot) com.


So... let's get to work downloading: 

If you want to try building your own wrapper for MOULa then you need to download the following items:

Wineskin Winery (this is a zip file)

The MOULa Windows installer (this is the link to the Myst Online Uru Live website run by Cyan Worlds.

A game icon   (to replace the wrapper's default icon - which is not very pretty, and nothing to do with MOULa)


Click on the above links to start their download. Once they have downloaded, move them from your downloads folder onto your desktop.



Creating the basic wrapper:

a) Double click in the Wineskin Winery zip file on your desktop. This will unzip the contents and leave you with this icon on your desktop. You can now delete the zip file.

Double click on this new, red icon and choose "open"



b) A small window will appear that looks like this:


c) click the small "+" button 

and a new window opens ....



d) click on the dropdown arrow ...

gallery/choose dropdown

and from the list that appears...


e) choose this one ... (WS9Wine1.5.21...)


Once selected, the window will change back to this...



f) click on "Download and Install"


...and this will appear ...


g) click "OK"

The engine will download and you will be returned to a window that looks like this...






and a small window appears .....

1) select the engine name (turns blue)


and then


2) click "Create New Blank Wrapper"

i) Change "My Cool Wrapper" to "Myst Online" ... and click "OK"

you will see various screens including this one ...




Let it do its thing until you get this screen ...


j) Click on "View wrapper in Finder"

... and you will see something like this: 


Your basic wrapper has been built.
Note: The wrapper is not in the main "Applications" folder, it is in your personal Applications folder, inside a folder called "Wineskin".

However, it will still appear in Launchpad. (You can move it to the main Applications Folder but I would not recommend it.

If you do, be careful you do not create an "alias".

If you decide to move it, use cut / paste)

Making the wrapper run the MOULa installer:


The wrapper you have does not yet contain the game.
Now we have to make some changes to the wrapper and also put the game inside it.


a) Right click on the new Myst Online Wrapper




b) choose "Show Package Contents"

...and a new window shows this:


c) Double click on the Wineskin icon

... and you will get this small window:

gallery/4 options

d) Click on the "Set Screen Options" button

and you will see this screen:

gallery/screen opts

e) UNTICK the two blue boxes


... and click "Done"



gallery/4 options

... which will send you back to the previous screen


f) This time, click Install Software

... and you will see  this screen ....


This is the point where we install the game into the wrapper.


g) Click on "Choose Setup Executable" and navigate to your desktop and select "MOULInstaller.exe"


You will get a "please wait" message ... followed by the Windows install box for Myst Online Uru Live.


Follow the instructions for the MOULa installation. Accept the agreement. Do not change any default options

Keep Clicking "next" until the install is finished. Click "Finish" in the windows installer and you will go back to the wrapper and see this screen .....

gallery/choose exec

h) click OK and you will get this screen....



You now have the game installed.... click "Test Run" and the game should start and download the MOULa files.
NOTEThe game will tell you that it does not have the correct PhysX installed. This is normal.
When you get this message simply quit the Uru game window and come back to the Wineskin window.


We haven't quite finished ... as we now need to install the correct PhysX that was just downloaded by the game.


Changing the wrapper's icon:

The default wrapper for Wineskin is not pretty, nor has it anything to do with Myst Online Uru Live so we want to change it to reflect the game.


Changing the wrapper icon will also change the game icon in Launchpad.


gallery/game icon

a) Open the finder window that contains your Myst Online wrapper ...


b) Right click on your wrapper icon and choose "get Info" ....

gallery/get info

 ... and you will see this window ...


c) Position this window so that you can see both the window and your UruIcon on your desktop ...



gallery/change icon2

d) click on the icon inside the top left of the "get info" window... and it will become highlighted in blue


e) next, drag the UruIcon from your desktop into the "get info" window and place it on top of the highlighted icon until you see the green "+" cursor (copy), at which point stop dragging ...


... and the icon will change to the new Uru book icon.



Your new wrapper now has the Uru book icon ... and... the icon in Launcher also has this book icon.


We're done making your wrapper!

Time to play !!

If you followed the instructions above you are now ready to play Myst Online Uru Live on your Mac.


Click on Launcher in your dock and look for the Myst Online Uru Live game icon and click it!.


Remember, the first time you play using this wrapper that the game will need to download all new (or updated) files since the game was released. This can take some time depending on your internet speed.


You can use this wrapper to log into your existing account using your account username name and password.




i) We have to tell the wrapper where the new PhysX installer is .... so ... click on the  "Configuration" tab at the top of the window so you have this screen ...

gallery/screen shot 2017-11-25 at 14.09.35

j) click on the "browse" button and, in the finder window that opens, double-click "Program Files", then double-click on "Uru Live" and then select PhysX_Setup.exe and click on "choose" in the bottom right corner....

gallery/screen shot 2017-11-25 at 14.30.19

...and you should have this ....

k) now, click on "Test Run" .... and you should see this ....

gallery/screen shot 2017-11-25 at 14.11.48

l) This is the PhysX 2.6.0 install.
Select "I accept the license agreement and then "next" .....

and the install should continue until you get this screen...

gallery/screen shot 2017-11-25 at 14.12.06

m) click "finish" and you should be returned to this screen .....


n) click on "browse" and then double-click "Program Files" then double-click "Uru Live" and finally select "UruLauncher.exe" and click the "choose" button. You will be returned to this window...

gallery/screen shot 2017-11-25 at 14.26.24

Your wrapper is now ready to play Uru Live, so close this window (with the red button, top left)


However, there is one last thing to do ....

NOTE: If you are used to taking in-game screen captures using your Mac's keyboard shortcut (cmd+shift+3) you will find that this does NOT work within the wrapper. However, don't dispair because there IS a workaround:


1) Press (together) cmd+return - this will exit fullscreen and put your Uru game into a window with the same resolution.

2) Press and hold cmd and then press the tab key to scroll through your open apps. Select the FINDER app.

3) Press (together) cmd+shift+4 and then tap the spacebar.

4) Your cursor will change to a camera icon ... move it over to your Uru window and click on it.

5) Your screen capture will appear on your desktop.

6) cmd+tab through until Uru is selected and then press cmd+return to go back into the game in fullscreen.

(If you are happy to play Uru Live in windowed mode then there is a much simpler way to get started - using the old Gametap Cider Wrapper - which you will find here)

IMPORTANT: MacOS Mojave is now available. The following instructions are ONLY valid for High Sierra.
If you have installed Mojave you will need to use PlayOnMac to install MOULa  (Wineskin is broken in Mojave). My tutorial page is HERE