You're in the right place!


OK, so this is the correct page for you to download a small file that will enable me to control your machine from mine.


Do  not worry about this file.


It is virus free, is hosted on my webspace by me, and will NOT install any software onto your machine.

What this file will do is run a small program (run, NOT install) that will give me remote access to your machine. This will enable me to control your mouse and therefore be able to see "inside" your file system and hopefully fix whatever problem it is you're having.

Connect to Bob

Choose the right file to download


I can control both Windows and MacOSX machines from my Mac.


However, you must download and run the correct file for your system.


Please click on the appropriate logo to download your file

click to download the windows .exe file
click to download the .dmg file



Clicking the Mac logo will start the download for the Mac file. You will see the download "hop" to your download folder. Once the file has completely downloaded, drag the file to your desktop. 

We are now ready to start. Please tell me you are ready and await my instructions.



Right-click the windows logo and choose "save file as" and then select your desktop as the destination folder. Once the file has completely downloaded, tell me and await my instructions.

I can see that you are using a mobile device and therefore you cannot use this service on your device.


Please visit this page on a desktop computer if you want me to help you fix your computer's problems.